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Whistleblower Protection

The term "whistle-blowing" usually refers to the disclosure by a person (usually an employee of a private organization or government agency) of mismanagement, corruption, illegality, or some other wrongdoing to authorities within the organization or to the public at large.

Federal and state regulations and statues have been created to protect whistleblowers from various forms of retaliation.  As a matter of act, several legal decisions even encourage and protect whistle-blowing on grounds of public policy. A Whistleblower could be rewarded based on the federal False Claims Act (31 U.S.C.A. § 3729) for bringing a lawsuit against an organization that makes false claims or commits Fraud against the government. 


In many cases whistleblowers are often the subject of retaliation by their
employers and are typically discharged and terminated adding to the whistleblower case a wrongful retaliation case. 


As with all employment law matters, the most important first step is a carefully drawn up analysis of the legal situation as it presents to the whistleblower.  Based on the facts presented, our office will then consult with the whistleblower on the potential next steps.