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Severance Agreements

A severance agreement specifies the terms of your employment termination. In many cases, the agreement probably will waive your right to sue your former employer in return for an initial or additional severance pay.  Some people consider this a kind of legal "bribe" that will help the employer avoid enforceability issues.  However, your employer may have tried to coerce you into signing a severance agreement, for example by threatening to withhold wages and other pay that you've already earned.


If you haven't already signed your severance agreement, please contact our office and we quickly review the document and advice on next steps - we want to point out, that in many case, the actual severance agreements are standard and often just fine; however, the circumstances that they were offered under are sometimes questionable.

If you have signed a severance agreement, you still may have a case, and we can consult you on your legal rights in your specific situation.