Lewis Tillmann Law Offices

Attorney and Counselor at Law


We are committed to solving our clients' employment law problems, so they can
regain dignity, self esteem, and their economic status. 

At Lewis Tillmann Law Offices, we listen carefully to our clients' needs and concerns

To fully understand the issues and the complexity that each case brings, we collect and carefully review all important facts and details to determine if your employer or former employer may have violated a law.  If we decide that it seems that laws indeed have been violated, we will propose that you retain our firm to further investigate and evaluate your case.

Once our services have been retained, we will contact the employer or former employer, obtaining a copy of your personnel file, and attempting to negotiate an agreeable solution of the issues before a long lasting litigation takes place.

Lewis Tillmann Law Offices charges a one-time, non-refundable fee for an investigation and evaluation, which is based on your financial ability to pay and the potential extent of the work required.  We will perform a comprehensive and thorough investigation and evaluate based on the available facts a potential legal strategy.  We will advise you of your legal rights, and whether or not you do indeed have grounds to bring forward any legal claims and discuss with you

our recommendation of a strategy moving forward.